Email with privacy, consent and undisclosed recipients

GDPR compliance that works with regular email

Create an easy to use email group to use with your normal email

safe, simple and effective privacy

How to use Groupsend

 The BCC field is not great for privacy...

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Automated GDPR consent (opt-in and "soft" opt-in) and unsubscribe options

Hide private email addresses

from other recipients without using BCC

Regular group email with personalisation

Email address protection

automatic proxy email addresses

Administrative tools

for organisers, groups & teams

It's worth spending a little time to setup email groups properly. If your recipient list requires privacy, consent from members or shared administration, take a quick tour of our service. It's super quick. We strive to make it very easy to use and to keep our subscription costs ultra low. 

We customise our service all the time, mostly free of charge. Get in touch if you have any questions or suggestions.

Five reasons not to use Bcc


Telecomunications, US

Groupsend was easy to rollout to our events team. It fits our privacy policy and our clients have appreciated the requests for consent.

Legal firm, UK

Managing GDPR complaince across different team members was not well organised prior to using Groupsend. 

Social Services Team, UK

We use Groupsend for sending out newsletters from our work email. We're happier knowing that email addresses and names are kept private using this system. It's much easier to follow the GDPR opt-in rules. It give us more confidence when sending emails.

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