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About GroupSend

It's great to have you visit our site

GroupSend originated from a team in the UK who needed to email and respect privacy, reduce admin and save time.

Privacy provision is changing all the time. Finding a simple solution that keeps us compliant with common sense as well as the law is not so easy. We wanted something that works without having complicated rollout or training. Something that made us compliant without needing some big corporate initiative... we wanted to say, "just use this tool and your covered for privacy!"

Anything that is not super easy, does not control the volume of “reply-all” type messages, doesn't reduce the chance of privacy mistakes, and doesn't understand how teams work together is a no-go. 

So, we created a service to do what we need. It’s well liked, and we are now opening up to the wider world.

Please YOU MUST give us your feedback :) What do we need to add or change? We can’t wait to hear from you.


Contact us through the email addresses shown on our “ Contact Us ” page.

We’re moving fast, so watch this space.