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About GroupSend

It's great to have you visit our site.

GroupSend originated from a group of British volunteers looking for ways to communicate better... A key problem was finding tools that allowed us to properly respect the privacy of our colleagues.

Privacy provision is changing all the time… WhatsApp are promising to release a number or great improvements during 2020. Bring it on! But somehow email, WhatsApp and other channels don’t quite work for us.


WhatsApp exposes our phone numbers to one another. Our volunteer colleagues want to choose who calls them and some want their mobile numbers to be private. And all that chatter - it drives us crazy.

Email is fine, but if you forget to put the recipient's email address in the BCC field - just once! - you’ve created problems that are difficult to get back from. This is especially important for emailing groups of clients, investors and people involved with volunteering or working in the social care sector.

Marketing template services are good, but take tooooo much time. We just want to send out a message!

Then there is the changing (and improving) global legislation. We are liable for the mistakes we make, and most of us can’t afford that in time or money. What about sharing the admin and keeping all administrators in the loop with emails whilst not overdoing it? That’s another story entirely.


Anything that is not super easy, does not control the volume of “reply-all” type messages, doesn't prevent privacy mistakes, and doesn't understand how teams work together is a no-go. The options for good quality communications methods that take care of privacy the way we want are very limited.

So, we created a service to do what we need. It’s well liked, and we are now opening up to the wider world.

PLEASE, YOU MUST give us your feedback. What do we need to add or change? 

We can’t wait to hear from you.


GroupSend is currently located at:

The Oaks
Shepherds Way

Or contact us through the email addresses shown on our “ Contact Us ” page.

We’ll move soon, so watch this space.