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Nominate who you want to be able to email all members.

Stop group members "replying-to-all" to reduce spamming other members.


As each member is invited to your email group, they are asked to consent to be a member.

You are notified when members accept or withdraw membership and the email group is updated automatically.


After the initial invite, you will not see private email addresses - we create substitute email addresses for everyone. Your own email address will also be private.


Emails you send will pass through our servers so we can check the sender and recipient have the proper permissions and consents.


Our servers then forward your email to each member individually*.
No more Bcc's!

*read our blog notes to understand limitations


We will also send a copy to the people you nominate as Group Administrators, and will insert a summary distribution list at the top of the email they receive.


Modern Design Workspace

You and everyone member of your email group is allocated a substitute email address. 

When you email each other, only the substitute email address of the sender is visible in the From and To fields. So, if there is a privacy breach, no ones private email is compromised.

The Technical Stuff - Domain Names

If you want to use your own domain (the bit after the @ sign), you will need to set that up with us. Usually a technical person in your organisation will work with us to sort that out. Alternatively, all your group emails will come from a GroupSend email account… it would look something like

To use your own domain name...
You will need to create a new subdomain and point it at our servers. For example, if your regular domain is, your subdomain could be, or maybe


After that one-off setup, you can start creating email groups and inviting members.