• Paul Adams

Confidentiality and consent - why and how it works

Confidentiality and consent is important. Even for the most regular of groups. For those who live in the European Union, these concepts are now encoded into law.

We know it’s not easy to ensure we obtain and record consent for our communications, and we rely on manual processes to keep everyone's email private. Our aim is to remove this administrative headache and to make it easier to respect others personal confidentially.

GroupSend helps by:

  • Automatically ensuring that every member of each email group has explicitly agreed to join.

  • When emailing via GroupSend people do not see the email addresses of the other members.

  • We add a top-level distribution list so that people have a good idea of the audience for the emails you send.

GroupSend also creates substitute or dummy email addresses for everyone which allows us to do two important things:

  • Check that the person emailing a GroupSend member has the consent to do so.

  • Ensure that after the member removes their consent all emails they received via their substitute address will stop.

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