• Paul Adams

Who can contact who?

Limits to consent and protection from spamming

Part of our privacy promise to all members is to reduce unsolicited emails, or “spam”, through our service.

The basic process is different from how email usually works.

  1. After each person consents to join they are given a substitute email address.

  2. Our system rejects emails that do not conform to our rules of who can email who.

  3. We forward allowed emails to the members real address.

This achieves two things. It helps to keep our members real email addresses private and prevents them from getting emails from unexpected people.

The rules we apply are listed below.

From a members perspective...

Members expect emails from administrators of the group or organisation they have consented to join.

By default, they may also receive emails from:

  • administrators from other groups, so long as they are in the same organisation.

  • other members in the same group as them.

You may disable these options for your specific group.

From an Administrator's perspective...

Administrators can have responsibility for all the groups in your organisation or specific named groups.

  • Administrators are permitted to email each other through GroupSend.

  • Any member of any group can contact any administrator so long as they are in the same organisation.

If you have custom rules you would like us to apply, please contact our support team. We are always delighted to receive new ideas.

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